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We are conscious about how we treat our planet. That’s why our rentals are carefully cleaned by our fantastic partners, Oxwash. Oxwash is re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up; their award-winning laundry and wet cleaning service has customers at its core. By using cutting-edge technology they guarantee a world-class clean and service.

Wet-cleaning works as a sustainable dry-cleaning alternative to washing your dry-clean-only items. The difference is that wet cleaning uses only water and non-toxic products to clean clothes naturally, making it less toxic to both humans and the environment whilst also being gentle on materials.

Oxwash always has the planet in mind. Their wet cleaning service uses water reclamation to reuse the water from a previous rinse cycle for the next wash cycle saving 70% compared to a domestic washing machine. They also have automated and dynamic dosing of biodegradable detergents to prevent surplus chemical usage.

Welcome to Estelle, an essential and a must-have for everyone in the fashion industry.