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Can I rent the item less than 3 days?

Unfortunately not. The minimum rental period is 3 days (2nights).

Can I rent the item more than 3 days?

Yes! Items can be rented for as many days as you would like at the daily rate. Just add the extra days on the checkout page and we will look after the rest.

Can I extend the hire period after I place the order?

If you would like to extend the hire period please let us know within 24 hours of placing your order – but the sooner the better as it might get booked up! We will let you know if we accept your request and inform you of the additional rental charge applicable.

Is dry cleaning cost included in the rental price?

Yes, dry cleaning is included in the rental price and we use a special environmentally friendly process to ensure it is the least carbon-intensive way to clean.

Can I dry clean the item?

Given the delicate material of our items and the special environmental process we use; please do not clean or alter the item by any means.

How do I package the item for my return?

To protect our precious environment; please reuse the same eco-friendly bag that the item was posted to you for your returns.

Insurance Fee: What if I damaged the item?

We want to save the environment through multiple uses of our items so please do look after your item for the next GreenGlamour customer. But we understand accidents can happen, that’s why we offer an optional insurance fee of £6 upon checkout that covers minor damages such as a zip break, button loss, or minor removable stain. However, this does not cover structural damage that can not be fixed beyond repair.

Upon return of the item, we will inspect the item and if we deem it damaged beyond basic repair you will be charged 50% of the item’s recommended retail price (detailed in your original order).

What if I want to return the item?

We understand that occasionally the item might not be suitable size or fit wise; if this is the case please notify us as soon as possible when you receive it and ensure you return the item within 24hours of receiving it. Please make sure you leave the tag intact and it isn’t removed in order to get a full refund. Upon receiving the item and inspecting it; we will refund you the money for the full hire period minus the delivery. (No dry clean cost will be deducted).

Are Delivery and Returns included in the price?

Delivery cost will be added as an extra at checkout and price will differ according to your delivery
The good news is that returns are for free. A label is sent along with your parcel which you can stick on your returns to drop it off at your
preferred drop off location when your rental period ends.

Can I hire more than one item with the intention of returning one?

Yes, you can hire up to two items and we do hope you decide to keep them both for your special occasions! To save you the hassle of ordering several and trying them all on and then having to return we would advise you to try our fitting appointment service to help you discover your favorite item.

We would just caution that if you plan to return one of the items you will be refunded less the delivery cost.  As a reminder to avoid being charged the daily rental fee; the item has to be returned within 24 hours of receipt and the tag has to be left intact.

What if I lost or misplaced the item?

We will charge the full recommended retail price (detailed in your original order).

Security Hold: What if I returned the item late?

We would be very grateful if you return the item on time as this will affect the item being available for our next GreenGlamour customer who will be looking forward to wearing it.

For every extra day that the item is returned late, we are authorized to charge your card the original daily rental fee plus an extra 50% charge of the daily rental price for a maximum of seven days.

For example; if the daily rental fee is £30 then for any extra late return your rental charge will increase by £15 i.e. total of £45 on a daily basis for up to 7 days.

If the item is not returned by the end of the seventh day we are authorized to debit the full recommended retail price from your card.

Why do you take pre-authorization on my card upon checkout?

As with any typical rental we reserve the right to take a deposit through a credit card pre-authorization at the time you place the order as we will be entitled to deduct amounts from your credit card towards any amount payable by you including Replacement cost or damage cost or late return fees. Don’t worry this money does not get taken from your account it is simply held by our payment provider until we receive the item back on time and in the same condition you received it in.

The initial pre-authorization taken at the time of original placement of the order is calculated as seven rental days and if the item is not received within seven days we will be entitled to authorize the full recommended retail price to your card.

Can I use your website to sell items ?

We are very conscious about the waste that the fashion world contributes; hence we are now offering a service where you can post your unwanted items with the details of the item make, the size, and asking price in exchange for store credit for future rentals.

Upon checking your post; we will get back to you to whether or not we will purchase it depending on the condition of the item and if it fits our GreenGlamour portfolio.

As mentioned; the purchase will be in terms of a store credit added to your GreenGlamour account and can be used for any future rentals.

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