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WOW it’s been a hectic few months (understatement!) and we have been overwhelmed by the huge support from our sustainable friends and family. It’s amazing to see customers vote sustainability with their feet and rent as opposed to buy.  Our partnership with COGO: In last month’s newsletter we answered your question, How ‘Green’ is GreenGlamour? (click here)and we promised LESS talk, MORE numbers. Well, we are pleased to have

How ‘Green’ is GreenGlamour? This is especially important as it’s hard not to miss a few articles in the press recently making the case that renting fashion isn’t sustainable after all. The website FashionNetwork gives the rental market a ‘black mark’ for the environment, based on a study made by the Finnish scientific journal (Environmental Research Letters). Meanwhile, the Guardian reported

The current global pandemic has altered the norms of life all of us have been so used to. An essential facet of the change brought about by Covid-19 is the way consumers shop. With preventive measures such as social distancing being put in place, consumers have found new ways to fulfill their shopping needs. The first and most obvious change

Welcome to Estelle, an essential and a must-have for everyone in the fashion industry.