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COGO, GreenLive, Curation, curation, curation…

WOW it’s been a hectic few months (understatement!) and we have been overwhelmed by the huge support from our sustainable friends and family. It’s amazing to see customers vote sustainability with their feet and rent as opposed to buy

Our partnership with COGO: In last month’s newsletter we answered your question, How ‘Green’ is GreenGlamour? (click here)and we promised LESS talk, MORE numbers. Well, we are pleased to have finally launched our partnership with COGO, the world’s first fashion carbon calculator. COGO allows you to see the carbon footprint of your consumer choice for yourself, tracking your rental order from start to finish (e.g. trees cut down) and validating your fashion-conscious choice to rent with GreenGlamour. 

Having seen how BIG the environment savings are through rental fashion, it is undeniable that every action we make DOES have an impact on our planet. For example, by renting out the Balmain Gold Dress for three days instead of buying, COGO estimates you will generate environmental savings equivalent to CO2e of 58 trees and 8654 miles in a car – now that’s worth it!

GreenLive exhibition at Westfield. In partnership with GreenLive and in the lead up to COP26, we were among the TOP sustainable brands. It was an honour to have been chosen to showcase SUSTAINABLE FASHION RENTAL on such a platform and be celebrated in such a thriving community. We discovered just how vast the sustainable network is! It’s driven by such a great energy and hope for a more positive future. Seeing our peers approach sustainable fashion from different angles was truly inspiring. That said, a key learning for our team was recognising that those making fashion more sustainable are massively underappreciated and under-invested – there’s still a lot to be done in boosting this new circular fashion economy and challenging consumer behaviour. Maybe ‘sustain’ and ‘sparkle’ aren’t the most natural combo but we found that the marketplace – and our customers – are truly welcoming of the option we offer to don glamour and live green!

Our team is expanding! Welcome Lama Matta, Head of Business Development. As a TV producer and presenter in factual, lifestyle and entertainment for the last twenty years, she’s seen her share of determined visionaries – and she’s worked both behind the scenes and front and centre to amplify their voices. With a passion for innovation and championing talent, Lama joins us enthusiastic about the GreenGlamour story in sustainable fashion and our mission to impact the fashion revolution. Her team will focus on collaborations and engagement with brands as we seek to curate products onto our platform and build partnerships with those who share our values.

‘Curation is King.’ Finally, we are super excited to be expanding our inventory (doubled since June). For every piece we choose, we literally ‘reject’ 10. Yes, our co-founder is VERY fussy; she spends most of her time trawling the world and webpages for that rare-to-find piece you’d love to dazzle in. High-end or not, at GreenGlamour we believe that there is no substitute for quality and as passionate as we are to change the fashion world through sustainability, we are equally fashion-obsessed! While we will continue to build our inventory fast, we are excited to launch our next chapter as we look to bring through partnerships with some of your favourite high-end brands. For all the men out there, we hear you and will get to you with one step at a time – watch this space, promise!

Who says Green can’t mean Glamour?! We hope you join us on our journey to make the fashion world more sustainable – because climate change won’t wait.


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