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Is renting really more sustainable and eco-friendlier than buying?

How ‘Green’ is GreenGlamour?

This is especially important as it’s hard not to miss a few articles in the press recently making the case that renting fashion isn’t sustainable after all. The website FashionNetwork gives the rental market a ‘black mark’ for the environment, based on a study made by the Finnish scientific journal (Environmental Research Letters). Meanwhile, the Guardian reported the hidden environmental costs were dry cleaning, delivery, and packaging. 

Our vision is to Live Green. It’s true the whole renting process can be quite carbon intensive and that’s why we are committed to being environmentally friendly through the entire process of your rental experience. 

During the build-out we went to lengths to examine the rental process at GreenGlamour to put sustainability and transparency at the heart of ALL our operations. 

Let’s start with the Delivery – unfortunately we can’t avoid transportation! But we are very committed to cutting toxic emissions. So, we insist to use Parcel-force’s Green Fleet at every opportunity.

Now the Dry-clean – tough one as we are all aware of the damaging effect that dry cleaners contribute to our environment. However, we also care to meticulously clean each piece before the next rent so it’s as good as new. That’s why we have partnered with Blanc. Blanc uses only water and non-toxic products to clean clothes naturally i.e. they do not use PERC in their process.

Finally, the Packaging – GreenGlamour postage bags are 100% biodegradable. We also use 100% recyclable tissue paper to wrap up the clothing. Our swing tags are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Being transparent with our customers is key and it’s your right to know how sustainable the whole operation process is from start to finish. That’s why we look forward to partnering with COGO the world’s first fashion carbon calculator so you can see for yourself what the carbon footprint of your rent is (i.e. trees cut down) and have it validated. Watch this space….!

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