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Post-Covid Change in our Shopping Habits

The current global pandemic has altered the norms of life all of us have been so used to. An essential facet of the change brought about by Covid-19 is the way consumers shop. With preventive measures such as social distancing being put in place, consumers have found new ways to fulfill their shopping needs.

The first and most obvious change is the increase in online purchasing. With most of the daily activities, including work and school, being shifted to a virtual online environment, people find it safer and more comfortable to shop online. Businesses have adapted to this shift by revamping their online delivery services. At first, there was only an increase in online purchases of essential items like medicines, groceries, and household items. However, people have started purchasing more clothes, accessories, and jewelry online. This virtual shift gives consumers the comfort of not going through the hassle of physically maneuvering their way through shops and stores to purchase their desired product. It has also brought about a sustainable impact on the environment by reducing the vehicle emissions caused due to excessive traveling.

With consumers acknowledging the environmental benefits brought about by the lockdown, there has been a more significant shift towards sustainable practices and the purchase of eco-friendly products. Consumers will prefer a brand that cares about nature and the environment.

Since the global pandemic massively impacted nations’ economies, consumers have also shifted to buying more local products. This allows local brands to thrive and prove their worth. Simultaneously, with the pandemic bringing about a financial crisis, consumers have learned to focus on the motto: value for money. With local brands coming into the spotlight, they now also have the additional pressure of delivering value for money. Lavish spending may now be a thing of the past. Hence, every brand knows that they have to position themselves to provide value for their product offerings.

Consumer Behavior change all the time. From the great recession to the Australian bushfire, it is bound to change whenever there is a shift in the market conditions. Covid 19 has already altered our way of life as well as consumer behavior, and not just in a negative way. We got to spend quality time with our family and received a much-needed break from our monotonous routine. Another much-needed change that needs to be welcomed about this novel way of consumer behavior is the consumer usage of products. As opposed to the traditional ‘make use and dispose of policy, we need to play our role in creating a circular economy where products are recycled and reused.

Much of the time, consumers buy clothes, wear them a few times, and then the clothes end up in the back of their closets. Hence, renting out clothing is a sustainable solution for many of us because of so many obvious reasons. One of them is that it cost less to rent than to buy. Also by renting you will help in reducing the textile waste and you will encourage a circular economy through reusing clothes. With so many advantages, it is time that consumers realize that renting is a more desirable and beneficial option as opposed to buying.

It can be seen that the global pandemic has changed the lives of consumers immensely. However, the change has been beneficial in bringing about a new era of sustainability and delivering value for money. This modification in consumer behavior will go a long way!

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