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Our vision is to disrupt the way the fashion world has been operating by enabling Women to rent ALL types offashion out there without comprising quality or sustainability.

Our challenge: We believe that shopping for clothes fulfils a deep need and desire for any human being to spoilthemselves; but unfortunately, this comes at a COST; both to yourself and to the planet. We want to change that.

Our passion is to reduce the amount of redundant and unused clothes that ends up in landfill and thus helpingprotect our planet.

Our transparency. It’s proven (add link) that by renting instead of buying clothes you will reduce your carbonfootprint by 60%-70%. At GreenGlamour we believe this is still not enough; the whole renting process can bequite carbon intensive and that’s why we are committed to being environmentally friendly through the entireprocess of your rental experience. We believe that being transparent with our customers is key and it’s yourright to know how sustainable the whole operation process is from start to finish.

Our message for you: at GreenGlamour we want Women to feel adventurous and creative every day through a more accessible range that is affordable and sustainable through renting. The best part is that whatever you rent from GreenGlamour will have another lease of life.

Welcome to Estelle, an essential and a must-have for everyone in the fashion industry.